All in One Productivity tool, Powered by AI

Meet the Ultimate Multi-Tool solution, that will change the way you plan, work and live! With CalenDays you will automate your tasks and your calendar and will be able to plan and delegate your team more efficiently than ever before. Request your early access Now!

With CalenDays you get:

AI assistant

Our AI assistant is not just another chat-bot feature that has some limited functions. It's a full scale AI that adopts to your activity daily.

Task lists

All your projects are orginized in lists and folders. Task lists in CalenDays are multi-level and have a more advanced functionality than before.

Time tracking

Seamlessly track the time of your tasks and generate in detailed reports with billable rates. AI assistant will help you track time more efficently.

Smart calendar

One of the key functionalities of CalenDays is a advanced calendar with auto-adjustable events, minimizing the chance to miss or get lost in events.

Kanban boards

Everybody loves Kanban boards, or at least most of us do. With CalenDays you can view your projects in both list and card views.

Mind map editor

When your tasks need to be broken down to details, there is no better way than viewing them as a branches in Mind Map view.

Resource control

Control your team productivity. Find the “blind” spots and potential procrastination among teammates. Get the detailed reports of activity.

Team chat

CalenDays has it's own chat tool to help team members discuss the projects. Activity history will help you track all project changes and status.

Your decisions Automated

CalenDays platform will automate most of the time and project management activities. Your personal AI assistant will learn from your behaviour and adapt to your planning habits. All you need is to attend your decision-making plato for a few minutes, twice a day.

Familiar tools Reinvented

All the same, but not the same. We have redesigned the so popuar and loved tools for time management from the ground up.

Get amazed by the intuitive, automated workflow of your favorite tools.

Familiar tools Reinvented

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Forever Free PRO version

You help us, we reward you. We intend to give away 3000 Forever Free subscriptions to a PRO version, to those who will signup now and help us improve the App by submitting your feedback.

Those who will join us during the Beta testing will receive 2 years of free PRO version. Next round will receive 1 year free and the last round will be given 50% discount for life.

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